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Major Excitement

Yesterday was my first day back to work after the Christmas holiday.....and it was a long day !! Not to mention that I was exhausted when I got up, it was a rough few days. After today I have another 5 days off to look forward to :) There are times that I really love working for the government !

Major winds again yesterday, it was SO windy that the piloet light went out on our gas fireplace ! I thought it might just pick the house up, and I don't think it would survive be moved again !

Ok, so what's the major excitment you ask ???? well, I'm going to be a Grandma !!! Even though it's not the first time, I think it will be a lot more exciting for me because I can be more involved with Nicole's pregnancy than I was with Angel's. The kids told us last night at dinner, I think Nicole was a bit nervous about it, but she seems really happy about the whole thing. That makes me really happy !! Mike is just estatic, I think it's been pretty hard for him to …

Blowing out the cobwebs

Weather today is sunny, cold and WINDY !! Too bad we don't have a windmill, we'd be all set for energy for quite a while :). Someday we will have the windmill, and we'll be one step closer to being off the grid !

Cats are napping, and it sure seems like a good idea to me...and I'm sure at some point in the next few hours I'll be doing the same, but I guess I should get a few things done today first, right ?

Yesterday we were successful in finding me a very cool piece of jewelry, as I knew we would be. It is not a locket however, it is a HUGE piece of Amber ( yellow) in a hand made setting, with a really cool hand made chain. Dan ( our jeweler) told me that it is probably turn of the century (20th) and from Poland most likely. It's not worth tons of money or anything, but I really like it because it is OLD and Unusual !! We had a nice visit with him, hadn't seen him for awhile, and I got to help him with some jewelry-he had a pearl necklace that was all tangle…

The scary first post

OK, here it is...the first post.

I have been wanting to Blog for a while now, not quite sure what stopped me. Perhaps it was my lack of confidence with the whole computer thing ? I am thinking that I will blog the way I write letters, as if I know whom I'm blogging too.

Well, here it is, two days after Christmas and I have to say I am very glad it's over. Not because I don't like Christmas, even though I am not Christian I still love the season. I think it's a shame what we've done to what's supposed to be a religious holiday, leave it to Americans to make it all about commercialism. Some times I am just sickened by what this country has become, mostly because I LOVE my country !! The reason that I am so glad Christmas is over ? Well every year my husband and I do the same dang thing ! We try to get ton's of stuff done on the house, construction type of things, and I have to struggle with keeping the house as clean as possible, while doing all the othe…