Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday Mumbles

The last Monday in January...I am looking forward to Ground Hog day, one week from now !! Even though, it really doesn't matter if the little guy see's his shadow or will still be six weeks ( or longer) til Spring. Ah well, everything in it's season, right ? Winter should be a time for reflection and rest, so that come Spring your raring to go !! It is a bit chilly today, about 12 degrees at this time, and no sun today :(....we've been so lucky this Winter, so much sun !! Believe me that is not the norm for SE Michigan in Winter, so I have been appreciating and enjoying all the sun I can. I think it has even been having a positive effect on DH, he is usually quite crabby all Winter long, and this year it has been not so bad. Poor guy, he's definitely a guy who likes his hot weather and sunshine !

So let's see, what else is new ? Well, we went to a birthday party for a friends son on Saturday, he turned 10. I can not believe that he is 10 years old !!! It seems like it was just yesterday that he was in diapers :). I didn't tell him that though. It was great to see some of our friends that we hadn't seen in a while, got to catch up with them and see how their kids are growing. I also got to be a team leader for the scavagner hunt they had, I think I had almost as much fun as the kids did ;). I had Sofia and Devin ( my great niece & nephew) and Annika & Oliva ( who happen to be Sofia & Devin's best buddies) on my team, I had them running around like wild beanshe's, it was great !! Although Oliva did tell me that the noise was getting to her, the "kids" were too noisy !!! I thought that was funny, she's 5, I told her it was getting to me too ;). Tony's ( my friend) brother was there, since he is Anthony's uncle...anywho, Joe was there and he played gitar for us and we all sang along to his playing. We had a riot !! We didn't get home until about 10:30 !!

Yesterday I spent what felt like the whole day cooking, but was probably only about 4 hours. First I made "Breakfast cookies" which are really just Oatmeal cookies with dried fruit, coconut and chocolate chips, yummy !! Then I made Banana Bread, since we had 5 banana's going bad. While the bread was baking I did some vaccuming and laundry, talk about multi tasking ;). For dinner I made Lasagna, using the meat sauce I made Friday night and a nice fresh salad. The salad took longer to make than the lasagna ! I was really glad to be done cooking after all that. I will be cooking tonight, it's a work out night so we'll be having guests for dinner. Tomorrow night however, I will NOT be cooking Tuesday !!! We will be having leftovers :).

I did get to spend some time on Facebook, so I was "chatting" with some people and posting to a few of my groups. I also spent a few minutes, just a few, playing with the kittens and loving them up. I truly believe that pets can just not be kissed enough !! There were a few moments that I was thinking "hey we really don't need to eat good food, I can take a nap instead" but I didn't :(. I did not get any stitching done at all over the weekend, and I'm really disappointed about that. When I got up Sunday morning I actually spent some time thinking about what I was going to do that day, so I conciously decided to work rather than relax. It did feel good to get all that done, and I know that Joe appreciated all that I did, he told me so repeatedly !! Considering that he had to put a new battery in my car as mine had died, AND did some running around for me-cat food store & Meijer....he earned a good dinner !

Last week I went in for another FSM treatment, and Dr Cayle told me that it might be really helpful to have my next treatment on the first day of my period. Apparently he can set the machine to a specific frequency to help slow the bleeding, and that should really help with the Anemia. I'm not looking forward to getting the treatment while I'm on my period, but if it reduces the flow, I'll try it !! I won't get into any more specifics than that...let's just say it's not nice to be wondering if your bleeding more than you think you are. I keep hoping, every month, that this is the month that I skip a period, at least then there would be a light at the end of the tunnel. Fibroids are fueled by estrogen, and when you go through the change, the estrogen drops dramatically, so the fibroids decrease in size. YAY !! What a pain, but it could be worse, I could have let them rip my uterues out for convience's sake. Who knows what havoc that would have caused. I know very few women who've had a hyserectomy that haven't had some kind of issues afterwards. No thank you !!

Last week I also had a massage :). I usually go once a month for a massage, it's my one big treat to myself, and it really does help me feel better. I hadn't had one for about 2 months though, what with the holidays and Sandy ( my massuse) being out of town, so I was OVER do !! It was lovely, and Sandy and I got a chance to catch up on things. She was the one who discovered that something was going on in my uterus, because it was SO large. I went to my PCP on her urging and Dr Schmidt confirmed the fibroid, and referred me to the first OB Dr, who wanted to do surgery- no other options according to her. Thank goodness for the internet :)....after reading some stories on the HERS website I decided "no way Jose" for me. Sandy did some deep tissue massage on my neck and shoulders-where ALL my stress gets stored, and that was not a pleasant experience, but it had to be done ! After she was done hurting me, she did the "tissue stripping" that I love so well. I wish I could teach Joe to do that ;).

I am reading a really excellent book right now called "The Wild Girls" by Pat Murphy, it's a Young Adult Fiction, and it is very, very good !! A few weeks ago I read " A Curse as Dark as Gold" by Elizabeth Bunce, a remake of Rumplestiltskin, I would give it a 10+ except that the ending was a bit rushed, I felt.

Well, I think that's about all I have to say for now....I will come back and write again when I have more to say ;)



Thursday, January 15, 2009

Baby, it's cold outside !

Wow, what a beautiful day !! Blue skies, fresh white snow, big puffy white clouds in the sky. Well, yes it is a bit chilly....ok, it's downright cold out there ! Cold, but beautiful, at least the sun is shining, we don't get a lot of that in Michigan in the winter :)

I feel bad for the people, and animals too, that have to live outdoors in this weather. Ususally at work we get a lot of calls for shelter resources in this kind of weather, but so far I have only had one. I'm actually surprised because the economy is so bad here in Michigan, and we have been having some really cold days. I will hope that the lack of calls is because the people who would normally call us for the resources, have family that are stepping up and helping out. I am choosing to think positvley about this, yes I am !!

Monday evening was my knitting Meet Up, and we had a really good time :). We had 11 people show, the largest gathering so far and I convinced DDIL-Angel, DN ( niece) Tina, and one of Tina's friends Angie to join us. I taught Angel to knit-well I really didn't do that much-she took to it like a duck to water ;). Angel and Tina both said they would like to come the the February meet up, so that's great !!

Stitching wise...well I did get a chance to finish the pink heart on my "Peace, Love and a Cure" that I am making for cousin Lorrie, so that means I am 1/3 of the way done. I am feeling very guilty that I have not finished the wedding sampler for DD and DSIL....maybe by their 2nd least I haven't started anything new :).

The kids were over last night for work out with Pops....and then dinner :). Nicole didn't work out because she was feeling icky...she's been having headaches and cold like symptoms...and she can't take anything cause she's pregnant ! So she laid on the couch, with cat's milling around her but not settling ( much to her disappointment), and had a short nap. Then she took a nice hot shower to try to warm up, she complains that there is no way to have a hot shower at home. They have hardly any insulation in their house at this time ( work being done to rectify that) and we were joking that the inuslation will be time for summer :). Other than this lingery cold she's been feeling pretty morning sickness yet :).

The cats are all doing well ! Velvet seems to have bounced right back to his wild kitten ways...I'm glad to see that the removal of his hormone producing organs has not really affected his personality too much. He is so playful and loves to rough house with Joe...every morning while Joe is getting dressed Velvet lays on the bed and plays tug a war with Joe's clothes, especially his socks ;). I really don't know what kind of home we would have, if we didn't have the cats in it !! I have always been a cat lover, and Joe has always liked them too. In the last few years though he really has become a real cat lover, and will now actually admit, out loud to people, that he prefers cats to dogs ! Good, this means my plan is working ;). JK !

We have a few cats that hang around our house, 3 that are regulars, one of them is the neighbors cat...I call her Fluffy mostly because I can't remember her proper name, and she is very Fluffy :). Well Fluffy comes over to hunt on our property...we have a lot of tall grass ( NO way am I cutting all 16 acres !) and apparently we get lots of good things to eat in the tall grass :). So I see her a lot, and I don't really worry about her because I know her people take care of her. The other two cats are another story all together ! One is Black and White, I call her Peanut, who know's why, maybe because when she first started hanging around she was pretty small, a "peanut". I haven't seen her in a while....and I hope she's ok, but that's how it goes with her. Just when I think "oh God, something must have gotten her" I'll see her and be very happy to see her !! When she first started hanging around I tried to talk to her and lure her into the garage, but was deceided she was going to be a Feral cat.

The third cat I am calling Cinder, she's all grey, looks to be about 6-8 pounds but it's hard to tell. We just started seeing her around the house in the last month or so. I think she may be a pet, not a Feral, because when I've seen her and talked to her I didn't freak her out. The last two times I've seen her she has been holding her one front paw up close to her chest, and she won't put any weight on it. Last Sunday she was on the front porch, so I took some food out to her, and after meowing at me a few times she jumped off the porch and went off towards the shed up front. I felt so bad for her, she obviously needs some medical attention, and some food and shelter, and LOVE !! I ended up leaving the dish/food on the porch, and put one of Simmone's old dog beds ( with some towels on top) on the porch in case she comes back. I have been looking and looking for her, and sending out lots of loving thoughts to her, trying to call her back so we can take care of her ! I have been given the green light by my DH to catch her if I can, and if she's healthy ( no communicable disease) make her part of the pack ! See, that's how I know that my husband has really grown into a true cats lover :). So keep some good thoughts for her...that she'll come back, and that we can help her !

I guess that's all that's new with me....I am really having an issue this month with the Anemia, it is just kicking my butt this week ! I have been taking Iron, and eating lots of red meat and spinich...fingers crossed that the Iron kicks in and helps me feel more normal...soon !! Yesterday I had to leave work early and go home and rest. I did get a small nap, and did get a chance to watch "The Illusionist" which was excellent !! I am feeling better today, I think a few more days of rest, and I'll feel better. I hate this !! But not enough to get a hysterectomy !!

On that lovely note....try to stay warm and enjoy the day :)



Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy Friday !!

Well, I am glad to have made it to the end of the week, after having two weeks were I only worked a day or two each week, this full work week has been tough !! I'm glad it's almost over. Another full week next week, and then a holiday the following week !! I am going to enjoy it as much as I can since the Macomb County Board of Commissioners is trying to steal half of our holidays away from us, the bastards !! Seems they feel it's perfectly ok to make up THEIR shortages by taking jobs, benifits and health care away from the workers. They won't give up their company cars though.....typical dirty politicans !!!

I dropped Velvet off at the vets this morning, he was scared, he had no idea of what was going on, and since Pearl wasn't with him he was just lost. They do just about everything together, two little peas in a pod ! Hopefully after his neuter he'll be a little less manic :).....that's what Ti Gra is hoping for, he just terrorizes her. Also, we want no little babies running around the house :), and he's already made a few moves on Pearl. Pearl will get spayed sometime next month, after I've saved a few pennies :0

I haven't gotten in any stitching time this week, dang it !!! So either tonight ( must stay away from the computer !!) or for sure tomorrow during the day, after my chores. I don't know why, but for some reason I feel guilty if I just sit and I'm not doing anything "productive". I can't figure out why I feel this way ?? It could be because there are SO many things to be done around the house, that I think if I'm not "working" on something, it should be because I'm sleeping . I have noticed that DH doesn't have this issue ;) he can sit and watch tv for hours and not feel bad about it !! Actually, all most all the time I am 100% ok with that...he works really, really hard so he has earned it !

DD ( Nicole) had her first Dr appt and first ultrasound yesterday :). Everything is fine, baby is 4mm big, and they got to see it's heartbeat. Her due date, and he seems very sure of it, is September 3...she really wants it to be 9/9/09....but she may change her mind about that come deliveray day :).

Well, I think that's about all for now. Keep a good thought for Velvets healthy recovery. Thanks !!


Beth Ann

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Catching up

So it's been almost a week since I last posted, oops ! What can I say, sometimes life get's busy :)

Today is a very cold day, about 20F out there, so even I think it's a bit chilly :-).
I hear that we have snow on the way....gee what a surprise. I don't understand people who complain about all the snow in the winter....when exactly is it supposed to snow, if not in the winter ??? Answer me that, would ya ? I don't really mind the snow, I think it's because I delivered mail for 10 years in all sorts of weather. Plus we ( at work) are always hoping that if we get enough snow, they will shut the county down !!! In my 20 years of working for the county...they have done that approx. three times :). Of course we left early the day of the black out, and then had the next day off. Man, that was a crazy few days there !!

Hey Marie, thanks for the lovely comments !! If you keep reading along you'll hear all about Nicole's pregnancy progress :) Soon I will get some photos loaded, and as soon as she starts showing, those will get posted too !

Nicole has her first OB/GYN appt on Thursday...I think she'll feel a little less anxious after getting her Dr. She told me that if your past 10 weeks lots of Dr's wont take you on ? I know she'll feel reassured to find out more about what hospital she be delivering at. She would really like to have a water birth, and no drugs....we'll see how it goes. We are supporting her 100% with her decisions, she'll have enough people giving her a hard time about the way they are taking...also her Dad and I believe the same....wonder where she get's her "crazy" ideas ;)

In my first post I alluded to Ti Gra having "issues" that I would talk about in future posts. Well, she has a problem digesting certain foods, pretty much anything that is NOT "Wellness Core" cat food. If she gets into the other cats food ? Explosive "issues" !! I feel bad for her because it's not her fault, and she can't help wanting to have treats, like her brothers and sister get ! When she has a little episode I have to put her in the shower and hose her off. Mostly she is very resigned to this, I think she actually feels better afterwards. I'm so glad we have one of those hand held shower heads, it has come in handy many, many times !! So with her long hair ( I don't call her "Princess Fluffy Pant's" for nothing), you can imagine what a problem this can be sometimes. She has carried her "excess" with all over the place...I have found it in some strange places, but it's mostly on the floors, or rugs. I have gotten really good at "spot" cleaning :). We have learned to look where we are walking....Joe had to learn that lesson the hard way. He stepped in some residue late one night when he was walking down the stairs to go the :( ! He woke me up yelling for me because he didn't want to walk thru the house with poo on his foot. I was laughing so hard I didn't even mind being woken up so abruptly :). I TOLD him to wear his slippers !!!

So that's what's oh so special about Ti Gra...

Last night I was on my Facebook, and Pearl was "helping" me post :). She loves to sit right in front of the screen ( and she's not see thru) and watch what I do... So I have to pick her up, set her on my lap, and then every few minutes we repeat the whole process :). I did get a good picture of her "reading" the Facebook, so I'll have to post that.

I haven't stitched since Saturday night :(, but I did get about 1/4 of the "Peace, Love and a Cure" done, and I am shooting for some more stitching tonight. Last night I was too busy cooking, and it was work out night so we had dinner with Collin. By the time is was time to sit down, I was Facebooking :0....I didn't even read before I went to bed, and that NEVER happens !! It should be a quick stitch, and I love the colors in it, so it has been a pleasure to work on. It would be great to start the year off with a finish :).

Well that's about all for today....I won't wait a week for the next post.


Beth Ann

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Major Excitement

Yesterday was my first day back to work after the Christmas holiday.....and it was a long day !! Not to mention that I was exhausted when I got up, it was a rough few days. After today I have another 5 days off to look forward to :) There are times that I really love working for the government !

Major winds again yesterday, it was SO windy that the piloet light went out on our gas fireplace ! I thought it might just pick the house up, and I don't think it would survive be moved again !

Ok, so what's the major excitment you ask ???? well, I'm going to be a Grandma !!! Even though it's not the first time, I think it will be a lot more exciting for me because I can be more involved with Nicole's pregnancy than I was with Angel's. The kids told us last night at dinner, I think Nicole was a bit nervous about it, but she seems really happy about the whole thing. That makes me really happy !! Mike is just estatic, I think it's been pretty hard for him to not say anything, he's pretty close to Joe, and me too. They went to the Dr today and she did the blood test, they'll get the results tomorrow, but she did 2 home pregnancy tests, and both were positive. A tentative delivery date is September 3, WOO HOO !! So the next few months are going to be a blast :)

I think that's about all I have for today, for some strange reason ( I wonder why) I am having a hard time concentrating ;).

Ciao for now...

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Blowing out the cobwebs

Weather today is sunny, cold and WINDY !! Too bad we don't have a windmill, we'd be all set for energy for quite a while :). Someday we will have the windmill, and we'll be one step closer to being off the grid !

Cats are napping, and it sure seems like a good idea to me...and I'm sure at some point in the next few hours I'll be doing the same, but I guess I should get a few things done today first, right ?

Yesterday we were successful in finding me a very cool piece of jewelry, as I knew we would be. It is not a locket however, it is a HUGE piece of Amber ( yellow) in a hand made setting, with a really cool hand made chain. Dan ( our jeweler) told me that it is probably turn of the century (20th) and from Poland most likely. It's not worth tons of money or anything, but I really like it because it is OLD and Unusual !! We had a nice visit with him, hadn't seen him for awhile, and I got to help him with some jewelry-he had a pearl necklace that was all tangled up that I got untangled while we were standing there visiting, it was fun, like a puzzle.

After the jeweler we headed back towards home and stopped at our local coney island type restaurant, Mama Vicky's for brunch. We like to patronize them because they bring their cars to Joe to fix, the food is like homemade, and the WHOLE restaurant is smoke free !!! I can not tell you how much we love that. I hate going out to eat and leaving the restaurant stinking like smoke !! DISGUSTING !! Not to mention having to breathe that pollution in while your eating. When will Michigan ban smoking in public places damn it ???

So after eating WAY too much Mexican Omelet, why do I do that ?, we went back home, vacuumed up some more damn ants ( I hate those little buggers !!) and then laid down for a 30 minute nap before heading to a friends house for a party. We were contemplating not going because we were both exhausted from all the work for the past few weeks, but I am really glad we did go. The party was at a long time friend of Joe's, a guy he grew up with, his name is Joe also. We hadn't seen him since Nicole ( the DD) got married, he played piano for her at the church and did a beautiful job. I was hoping that there was going to be some live music, and I was NOT disappointed !! Friend Joe had some of his friends there that were musicians also, and they did some jamming, it was AWESOME !! They did some Christmas music, and then just played requests, there were two guys that were both great singers, Steve and ?? I don't know the other guys name. Steve could also play the piano and guitar, of which he did both, but his voice, man it was GREAT !! Pretty soulful for a white guy ;). We got home quite late, oh about 3am....needless to say I am dragging today and it didn't help that I had a couple glasses of wine :). It was tasty though, and I hardly ever drink.

So other than picking up around the house, I think I am mostly going to do some cross stitching, I got a new kit that I want to get working on, its the Lizzie Kate " Peace, Love and a Cure" for breast cancer and I am making it for my cousin who is battling that right now.

All righty then, I'll say Ciao for now

Saturday, December 27, 2008

The scary first post

OK, here it is...the first post.

I have been wanting to Blog for a while now, not quite sure what stopped me. Perhaps it was my lack of confidence with the whole computer thing ? I am thinking that I will blog the way I write letters, as if I know whom I'm blogging too.

Well, here it is, two days after Christmas and I have to say I am very glad it's over. Not because I don't like Christmas, even though I am not Christian I still love the season. I think it's a shame what we've done to what's supposed to be a religious holiday, leave it to Americans to make it all about commercialism. Some times I am just sickened by what this country has become, mostly because I LOVE my country !! The reason that I am so glad Christmas is over ? Well every year my husband and I do the same dang thing ! We try to get ton's of stuff done on the house, construction type of things, and I have to struggle with keeping the house as clean as possible, while doing all the other holiday stuff too. I hate it !! We have no one but ourselves to blame though....what we need to do is work like crazy all Spring, Summer & Fall and then take November and December off !!!

I'll let you know when that starts happening :)

As I am writing this I am surrounded by my four lovely cats...who are mostly napping at this time, with one bathing and then I am sure she will be out too ! Here, lets introduce you all to them :)

First is Buddha, he is about 9 years old as we can figure. He was a rescue,( well ALL of our pets have been rescues), when we got him he had 3 broken toes and was infested with fleas. However, he was neutered, and unfortunately some cruel person declawed him. I am NOT a fan of declawing, I don't approve of ANY form of torture for animals, or humans ! So our wonderful vet ( Thanks North Gratiot Vet's !!) fixed him right up-poor guy had to wear a cast for 2 months, and has pins in his toes, but it doesn't slow him down ! Well, he really doesn't do much but nap...and eat. Buddha is a bit.....portly and because he has such a sweet and calm demeanor, I thought the name would fit, and it does ! Buddha is a Maine Coon, a short hair, very dark coloring with beautiful hazel eyes. He has the face of a Tiger, with a very broad nose, and at last weigh in he was at 16#.

I believe that pets will let us know what they'd like to be named, if we give them the time to communicate with us.

OK, next in the line up is Ti Gra....which is Sicilian for Tiger...she too is a Maine Coon, a long haired MC, and she will probably be our last long haired cat ! Why ? Well, we'll get into that in another post. Ti Gra is a very beautiful cat with lots of gorgeous Black, Brown, Carmel colored fur-she is VERY fluffy and her fur is wonderfully soft. Not that I get to cuddle her very often, she is a Daddy's girl and only tolerates me ! My husband ( Joe) would tell you that I am exaggerating that, but I swear I am not !! Ti Gra has gorgeous Green eyes, and is what I would consider a bit small for a Maine Coon, about 10#, she is almost 6 now. She was adopted from the Michigan Humane Society, the Detroit Shelter, and had been one of a litter that was found in the slums. She was a really feisty little kitten which used to crack us up. When we brought her home she immediately became Alpha cat and ruled the roost over Ceili, Gypsy and Simmone who are all gone now. She would attack all three even though they were older, bigger and more experienced than her. Ceili and Gypsy would run away from her, but Simmone would smack her with her big Black Lab paw, and that would usually do the trick.

We had gotten Ti Gra for Simmone, as we had lost one of our other dogs, Max ( the worlds greatest dog !!) and Simmone was just devastated by it, so I thought another dog would help. Well, as we were in the middle of moving our house ( yes, moving the house) and Joe didn't want another big dog to contend with, we agreed on a kitten. Simmone had never been around a cat before-the dogs had been in a pen ( really a palace) and when they did come in the house the cats ran and hide. We weren't sure how well she would do, so I bought a muzzle for her and we always supervised her time with the kitten. After about a week, they were fast friends !! See Ceili and Gypsy didn't want ANYTHING to do with Simmone, I think it was her exuberance and her breath ;). She loved her little kitten though, and Ti Gra loved her !! When we lost Simmone this past September ( at age 15.5) Ti Gra was SO I decided what would be better for her than a pair of kittens ???

The kittens came from our local Organic farmer ( Thanks RC Organics !!) from one of they're farm cats. Well, they have certainly kept Ti Gra on her little toes :). They love to chase her, mostly they want to play, but she really doesn't want much to do with them. We think it is divine retribution :). I have a feeling that Ceili and Gypsy are egging those kittens on !

So, the kittens are....Pearl, a grey and white short hair moggy who is just the sweetest little girl and her brother Black Velvet ( Velvet for short) who is 99.9 % black. They have the most unusual eyes I have ever seen, green around the pupil and amber around the green. They have brought such joy into our house, well for Joe and I at least ;)....we have never had two little ones at the same time. The only real problem we've had so far is that they really love the Christmas tree !! So we had to wire it to the wall, but we only lost one glass bulb this year and I'm hoping by next Christmas they will be past that stage. Pearl got her name because she has the color of Pearl's in her coat ( my birthstone) and Velvet got his name from a hair promenade that my departed Father in Law created beck in the 40' was called Black Velvet and it was going to make him rich !!! Which it did not, perhaps because of the smell ?? It does smell something horrible. Our Velvet smells wonderful, like his Daddy most of the time...because he is a Daddy's boy ( which is NOT going over too well with Ti Gra). I told Joe that they were MY kittens, but he has to keep luring them away from me, he's irresistible to cats !!!

Well, I think I should probably go and get ready for the day, its a very dreary day here in SE Michigan. It's raining right now, and melting all that lovely snow :(......yes I am one of those strange people who likes the winter and snow/cold/ice.....

Today we are off to our jewelers ( Lalonde's in Grosse Pointe) to try to find me an antique locket to start my collection...wish me luck !