Easy, like Sunday morning !

After a full day yesterday preparing the house, and food, for our visitors from the North, I slept in until 8 am !! Woo-wee !! Truthfully though, we had a 2 hour nap after our visitors left at 7 pm. So, I probably didn't fall asleep until 12:30, if you want me to be truthful....and I hope you do ! 😹 This morning before I even went downstairs, I hung the clothes I washed Sat night, on the wooden "clothes dryer" , first chore of the day done ! Fed the cats, took the dog outside...cleaned off the swing so I could sit in the morning sun while Jewel rolled in the grass ( her favorite thing to do ). I caught up on my Facebooking, and then Joe came out and joined me. We talked about our plans for the day & disgussed what to have for breakfast....and then got that going. I made a Vanilla Bundt cake while he cooked breakfast. Now that I've scooped the 5 litter boxes and vacuumed...I'll head to Lowes to get some plants for the porch & flower containers 🌸🌸. Then, it will be time to play in the dirt ( YES !! ) and cut the lawn...yippe 😬. Pretty sure I'll be too tired to cook tonight...so good thing we have left over Salmon, Chicken Sausage, Asparagus, rice & salad !! Happy Sun-Day everyone !!! Take time to smell the flowers today !! Slainte' my friends ! 😻


  1. Eeks, sorry, I missed this post until now! We talked about doing some yard work...then decided to drive around and ignore all household chores. Scooping the litterboxes is my little moment of zen; it's a ritual, almost, and I like to think that the cats enjoy the scooping too!

  2. Hi to you! Not sure how you found the Musings blog, but thanks for stopping by.

    I'm exhausted from reading your post. I can't say I was that productive over my weekend. LOL.

  3. Housework, Shmousework. That's for humans! Welcome to blogland. Stick around as there's much to see and read all over. Enjoy what's left of your weekend!! Happy sunshine.


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