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Monday Mumbles

The last Monday in January...I am looking forward to Ground Hog day, one week from now !! Even though, it really doesn't matter if the little guy see's his shadow or will still be six weeks ( or longer) til Spring. Ah well, everything in it's season, right ? Winter should be a time for reflection and rest, so that come Spring your raring to go !! It is a bit chilly today, about 12 degrees at this time, and no sun today :(....we've been so lucky this Winter, so much sun !! Believe me that is not the norm for SE Michigan in Winter, so I have been appreciating and enjoying all the sun I can. I think it has even been having a positive effect on DH, he is usually quite crabby all Winter long, and this year it has been not so bad. Poor guy, he's definitely a guy who likes his hot weather and sunshine !

So let's see, what else is new ? Well, we went to a birthday party for a friends son on Saturday, he turned 10. I can not believe that he is 10 years…

Baby, it's cold outside !

Wow, what a beautiful day !! Blue skies, fresh white snow, big puffy white clouds in the sky. Well, yes it is a bit chilly....ok, it's downright cold out there ! Cold, but beautiful, at least the sun is shining, we don't get a lot of that in Michigan in the winter :)

I feel bad for the people, and animals too, that have to live outdoors in this weather. Ususally at work we get a lot of calls for shelter resources in this kind of weather, but so far I have only had one. I'm actually surprised because the economy is so bad here in Michigan, and we have been having some really cold days. I will hope that the lack of calls is because the people who would normally call us for the resources, have family that are stepping up and helping out. I am choosing to think positvley about this, yes I am !!

Monday evening was my knitting Meet Up, and we had a really good time :). We had 11 people show, the largest gathering so far and I convinced DDIL-Angel, DN ( niece) Tina, and one of …

Happy Friday !!

Well, I am glad to have made it to the end of the week, after having two weeks were I only worked a day or two each week, this full work week has been tough !! I'm glad it's almost over. Another full week next week, and then a holiday the following week !! I am going to enjoy it as much as I can since the Macomb County Board of Commissioners is trying to steal half of our holidays away from us, the bastards !! Seems they feel it's perfectly ok to make up THEIR shortages by taking jobs, benifits and health care away from the workers. They won't give up their company cars though.....typical dirty politicans !!!

I dropped Velvet off at the vets this morning, he was scared, he had no idea of what was going on, and since Pearl wasn't with him he was just lost. They do just about everything together, two little peas in a pod ! Hopefully after his neuter he'll be a little less manic :).....that's what Ti Gra is hoping for, he just terrorizes her. Also, we want no …

Catching up

So it's been almost a week since I last posted, oops ! What can I say, sometimes life get's busy :)

Today is a very cold day, about 20F out there, so even I think it's a bit chilly :-).
I hear that we have snow on the way....gee what a surprise. I don't understand people who complain about all the snow in the winter....when exactly is it supposed to snow, if not in the winter ??? Answer me that, would ya ? I don't really mind the snow, I think it's because I delivered mail for 10 years in all sorts of weather. Plus we ( at work) are always hoping that if we get enough snow, they will shut the county down !!! In my 20 years of working for the county...they have done that approx. three times :). Of course we left early the day of the black out, and then had the next day off. Man, that was a crazy few days there !!

Hey Marie, thanks for the lovely comments !! If you keep reading along you'll hear all about Nicole's pregnancy progress :) Soon I will get …