Catching up

So it's been almost a week since I last posted, oops ! What can I say, sometimes life get's busy :)

Today is a very cold day, about 20F out there, so even I think it's a bit chilly :-).
I hear that we have snow on the way....gee what a surprise. I don't understand people who complain about all the snow in the winter....when exactly is it supposed to snow, if not in the winter ??? Answer me that, would ya ? I don't really mind the snow, I think it's because I delivered mail for 10 years in all sorts of weather. Plus we ( at work) are always hoping that if we get enough snow, they will shut the county down !!! In my 20 years of working for the county...they have done that approx. three times :). Of course we left early the day of the black out, and then had the next day off. Man, that was a crazy few days there !!

Hey Marie, thanks for the lovely comments !! If you keep reading along you'll hear all about Nicole's pregnancy progress :) Soon I will get some photos loaded, and as soon as she starts showing, those will get posted too !

Nicole has her first OB/GYN appt on Thursday...I think she'll feel a little less anxious after getting her Dr. She told me that if your past 10 weeks lots of Dr's wont take you on ? I know she'll feel reassured to find out more about what hospital she be delivering at. She would really like to have a water birth, and no drugs....we'll see how it goes. We are supporting her 100% with her decisions, she'll have enough people giving her a hard time about the way they are taking...also her Dad and I believe the same....wonder where she get's her "crazy" ideas ;)

In my first post I alluded to Ti Gra having "issues" that I would talk about in future posts. Well, she has a problem digesting certain foods, pretty much anything that is NOT "Wellness Core" cat food. If she gets into the other cats food ? Explosive "issues" !! I feel bad for her because it's not her fault, and she can't help wanting to have treats, like her brothers and sister get ! When she has a little episode I have to put her in the shower and hose her off. Mostly she is very resigned to this, I think she actually feels better afterwards. I'm so glad we have one of those hand held shower heads, it has come in handy many, many times !! So with her long hair ( I don't call her "Princess Fluffy Pant's" for nothing), you can imagine what a problem this can be sometimes. She has carried her "excess" with all over the place...I have found it in some strange places, but it's mostly on the floors, or rugs. I have gotten really good at "spot" cleaning :). We have learned to look where we are walking....Joe had to learn that lesson the hard way. He stepped in some residue late one night when he was walking down the stairs to go the :( ! He woke me up yelling for me because he didn't want to walk thru the house with poo on his foot. I was laughing so hard I didn't even mind being woken up so abruptly :). I TOLD him to wear his slippers !!!

So that's what's oh so special about Ti Gra...

Last night I was on my Facebook, and Pearl was "helping" me post :). She loves to sit right in front of the screen ( and she's not see thru) and watch what I do... So I have to pick her up, set her on my lap, and then every few minutes we repeat the whole process :). I did get a good picture of her "reading" the Facebook, so I'll have to post that.

I haven't stitched since Saturday night :(, but I did get about 1/4 of the "Peace, Love and a Cure" done, and I am shooting for some more stitching tonight. Last night I was too busy cooking, and it was work out night so we had dinner with Collin. By the time is was time to sit down, I was Facebooking :0....I didn't even read before I went to bed, and that NEVER happens !! It should be a quick stitch, and I love the colors in it, so it has been a pleasure to work on. It would be great to start the year off with a finish :).

Well that's about all for today....I won't wait a week for the next post.


Beth Ann


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