Monday Mumbles

The last Monday in January...I am looking forward to Ground Hog day, one week from now !! Even though, it really doesn't matter if the little guy see's his shadow or will still be six weeks ( or longer) til Spring. Ah well, everything in it's season, right ? Winter should be a time for reflection and rest, so that come Spring your raring to go !! It is a bit chilly today, about 12 degrees at this time, and no sun today :(....we've been so lucky this Winter, so much sun !! Believe me that is not the norm for SE Michigan in Winter, so I have been appreciating and enjoying all the sun I can. I think it has even been having a positive effect on DH, he is usually quite crabby all Winter long, and this year it has been not so bad. Poor guy, he's definitely a guy who likes his hot weather and sunshine !

So let's see, what else is new ? Well, we went to a birthday party for a friends son on Saturday, he turned 10. I can not believe that he is 10 years old !!! It seems like it was just yesterday that he was in diapers :). I didn't tell him that though. It was great to see some of our friends that we hadn't seen in a while, got to catch up with them and see how their kids are growing. I also got to be a team leader for the scavagner hunt they had, I think I had almost as much fun as the kids did ;). I had Sofia and Devin ( my great niece & nephew) and Annika & Oliva ( who happen to be Sofia & Devin's best buddies) on my team, I had them running around like wild beanshe's, it was great !! Although Oliva did tell me that the noise was getting to her, the "kids" were too noisy !!! I thought that was funny, she's 5, I told her it was getting to me too ;). Tony's ( my friend) brother was there, since he is Anthony's uncle...anywho, Joe was there and he played gitar for us and we all sang along to his playing. We had a riot !! We didn't get home until about 10:30 !!

Yesterday I spent what felt like the whole day cooking, but was probably only about 4 hours. First I made "Breakfast cookies" which are really just Oatmeal cookies with dried fruit, coconut and chocolate chips, yummy !! Then I made Banana Bread, since we had 5 banana's going bad. While the bread was baking I did some vaccuming and laundry, talk about multi tasking ;). For dinner I made Lasagna, using the meat sauce I made Friday night and a nice fresh salad. The salad took longer to make than the lasagna ! I was really glad to be done cooking after all that. I will be cooking tonight, it's a work out night so we'll be having guests for dinner. Tomorrow night however, I will NOT be cooking Tuesday !!! We will be having leftovers :).

I did get to spend some time on Facebook, so I was "chatting" with some people and posting to a few of my groups. I also spent a few minutes, just a few, playing with the kittens and loving them up. I truly believe that pets can just not be kissed enough !! There were a few moments that I was thinking "hey we really don't need to eat good food, I can take a nap instead" but I didn't :(. I did not get any stitching done at all over the weekend, and I'm really disappointed about that. When I got up Sunday morning I actually spent some time thinking about what I was going to do that day, so I conciously decided to work rather than relax. It did feel good to get all that done, and I know that Joe appreciated all that I did, he told me so repeatedly !! Considering that he had to put a new battery in my car as mine had died, AND did some running around for me-cat food store & Meijer....he earned a good dinner !

Last week I went in for another FSM treatment, and Dr Cayle told me that it might be really helpful to have my next treatment on the first day of my period. Apparently he can set the machine to a specific frequency to help slow the bleeding, and that should really help with the Anemia. I'm not looking forward to getting the treatment while I'm on my period, but if it reduces the flow, I'll try it !! I won't get into any more specifics than that...let's just say it's not nice to be wondering if your bleeding more than you think you are. I keep hoping, every month, that this is the month that I skip a period, at least then there would be a light at the end of the tunnel. Fibroids are fueled by estrogen, and when you go through the change, the estrogen drops dramatically, so the fibroids decrease in size. YAY !! What a pain, but it could be worse, I could have let them rip my uterues out for convience's sake. Who knows what havoc that would have caused. I know very few women who've had a hyserectomy that haven't had some kind of issues afterwards. No thank you !!

Last week I also had a massage :). I usually go once a month for a massage, it's my one big treat to myself, and it really does help me feel better. I hadn't had one for about 2 months though, what with the holidays and Sandy ( my massuse) being out of town, so I was OVER do !! It was lovely, and Sandy and I got a chance to catch up on things. She was the one who discovered that something was going on in my uterus, because it was SO large. I went to my PCP on her urging and Dr Schmidt confirmed the fibroid, and referred me to the first OB Dr, who wanted to do surgery- no other options according to her. Thank goodness for the internet :)....after reading some stories on the HERS website I decided "no way Jose" for me. Sandy did some deep tissue massage on my neck and shoulders-where ALL my stress gets stored, and that was not a pleasant experience, but it had to be done ! After she was done hurting me, she did the "tissue stripping" that I love so well. I wish I could teach Joe to do that ;).

I am reading a really excellent book right now called "The Wild Girls" by Pat Murphy, it's a Young Adult Fiction, and it is very, very good !! A few weeks ago I read " A Curse as Dark as Gold" by Elizabeth Bunce, a remake of Rumplestiltskin, I would give it a 10+ except that the ending was a bit rushed, I felt.

Well, I think that's about all I have to say for now....I will come back and write again when I have more to say ;)




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