Baby, it's cold outside !

Wow, what a beautiful day !! Blue skies, fresh white snow, big puffy white clouds in the sky. Well, yes it is a bit chilly....ok, it's downright cold out there ! Cold, but beautiful, at least the sun is shining, we don't get a lot of that in Michigan in the winter :)

I feel bad for the people, and animals too, that have to live outdoors in this weather. Ususally at work we get a lot of calls for shelter resources in this kind of weather, but so far I have only had one. I'm actually surprised because the economy is so bad here in Michigan, and we have been having some really cold days. I will hope that the lack of calls is because the people who would normally call us for the resources, have family that are stepping up and helping out. I am choosing to think positvley about this, yes I am !!

Monday evening was my knitting Meet Up, and we had a really good time :). We had 11 people show, the largest gathering so far and I convinced DDIL-Angel, DN ( niece) Tina, and one of Tina's friends Angie to join us. I taught Angel to knit-well I really didn't do that much-she took to it like a duck to water ;). Angel and Tina both said they would like to come the the February meet up, so that's great !!

Stitching wise...well I did get a chance to finish the pink heart on my "Peace, Love and a Cure" that I am making for cousin Lorrie, so that means I am 1/3 of the way done. I am feeling very guilty that I have not finished the wedding sampler for DD and DSIL....maybe by their 2nd least I haven't started anything new :).

The kids were over last night for work out with Pops....and then dinner :). Nicole didn't work out because she was feeling icky...she's been having headaches and cold like symptoms...and she can't take anything cause she's pregnant ! So she laid on the couch, with cat's milling around her but not settling ( much to her disappointment), and had a short nap. Then she took a nice hot shower to try to warm up, she complains that there is no way to have a hot shower at home. They have hardly any insulation in their house at this time ( work being done to rectify that) and we were joking that the inuslation will be time for summer :). Other than this lingery cold she's been feeling pretty morning sickness yet :).

The cats are all doing well ! Velvet seems to have bounced right back to his wild kitten ways...I'm glad to see that the removal of his hormone producing organs has not really affected his personality too much. He is so playful and loves to rough house with Joe...every morning while Joe is getting dressed Velvet lays on the bed and plays tug a war with Joe's clothes, especially his socks ;). I really don't know what kind of home we would have, if we didn't have the cats in it !! I have always been a cat lover, and Joe has always liked them too. In the last few years though he really has become a real cat lover, and will now actually admit, out loud to people, that he prefers cats to dogs ! Good, this means my plan is working ;). JK !

We have a few cats that hang around our house, 3 that are regulars, one of them is the neighbors cat...I call her Fluffy mostly because I can't remember her proper name, and she is very Fluffy :). Well Fluffy comes over to hunt on our property...we have a lot of tall grass ( NO way am I cutting all 16 acres !) and apparently we get lots of good things to eat in the tall grass :). So I see her a lot, and I don't really worry about her because I know her people take care of her. The other two cats are another story all together ! One is Black and White, I call her Peanut, who know's why, maybe because when she first started hanging around she was pretty small, a "peanut". I haven't seen her in a while....and I hope she's ok, but that's how it goes with her. Just when I think "oh God, something must have gotten her" I'll see her and be very happy to see her !! When she first started hanging around I tried to talk to her and lure her into the garage, but was deceided she was going to be a Feral cat.

The third cat I am calling Cinder, she's all grey, looks to be about 6-8 pounds but it's hard to tell. We just started seeing her around the house in the last month or so. I think she may be a pet, not a Feral, because when I've seen her and talked to her I didn't freak her out. The last two times I've seen her she has been holding her one front paw up close to her chest, and she won't put any weight on it. Last Sunday she was on the front porch, so I took some food out to her, and after meowing at me a few times she jumped off the porch and went off towards the shed up front. I felt so bad for her, she obviously needs some medical attention, and some food and shelter, and LOVE !! I ended up leaving the dish/food on the porch, and put one of Simmone's old dog beds ( with some towels on top) on the porch in case she comes back. I have been looking and looking for her, and sending out lots of loving thoughts to her, trying to call her back so we can take care of her ! I have been given the green light by my DH to catch her if I can, and if she's healthy ( no communicable disease) make her part of the pack ! See, that's how I know that my husband has really grown into a true cats lover :). So keep some good thoughts for her...that she'll come back, and that we can help her !

I guess that's all that's new with me....I am really having an issue this month with the Anemia, it is just kicking my butt this week ! I have been taking Iron, and eating lots of red meat and spinich...fingers crossed that the Iron kicks in and helps me feel more normal...soon !! Yesterday I had to leave work early and go home and rest. I did get a small nap, and did get a chance to watch "The Illusionist" which was excellent !! I am feeling better today, I think a few more days of rest, and I'll feel better. I hate this !! But not enough to get a hysterectomy !!

On that lovely note....try to stay warm and enjoy the day :)




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